Circle Of Light

The Circle Of Light Meditation Program is designed by Master Dev OM to give simple and powerful energy tools to everyone to become more able to experience their own hidden potential, inner divinity and inner creative energies. He says that entire universe is made of ‘Light’; hence everyone is a ‘Being of Light’. They just need to realize it.

A Being of Light
– gets cleansed of negativities;
– attracts other ‘light beings’ to life;
– invites abundance, permanent peace and joy in life;
-goes through an spontaneous flow of growth and evolution in all dimensions.

In this program you will learn and experience the following:
• White Light Cleansing
• Invoking of the ‘inner being of light’
• Invoke the unlimited flow of Divine energies and blessing.
• Receive empowerment and wisdom to handle daily life situations in much divine manner.
• Experience deep cleansing on physical, emotional and energy level
• Mindfulness with Light Meditation.
• Noor Meditation
• Learn to create an energy protection around you.

Master Dev OM is a living mystic and spiritual guru. His approach is very simple, friendly and down to earth which motivates and guides a new comer and a seasoned meditator alike. He has authored 12 self-help and spiritual books and created more then 20 guided meditations and energy techniques. For past 12 years he travels the world to show people the light to the path of self-discovery and enlightenment. It is a great chance to experience his wisdom and light.