Meditation Teacher Training

100 hours of meditation teacher training is designed especially for those people who want to share the beauty and light of meditation with the world. The world needs many meditation master if you have a compassion you can be one.

The purpose of this training would be to make you capable to design, develop and  hold your own  2 to three days meditation retreat, one/two day(s) meditation workshop, 2-4 hours meditation sessions and corporate meditation trainings.

We will teach you Guided, Active and Passive meditations ranging from Vedantic, Tibetan, Sufi, Zen, Vigyan Bhairav Tradition along with the meditations with natural elements like full moon meditation, five elements meditation, light meditation, colour meditation and Chakra energy related.

The training would cover all the back-stage aspects of how to hold a class/workshop, how to create group energy, how to motivate people to meditate, how to create content and promote – every related aspect will be covered.

The training is completely practice based where students go through daily live practice of designing, developing and taking sessions. All the meditations and techniques are practically experienced by students as a seeker as well as a teacher.

The training covers the basics of meditation like  

  • What is Meditation?
  • What is ‘not’ Meditation?
  • What is being in Meditation?
  • How to get in and come out of Meditation?
  • Benefits of meditations – physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual

Along with the practical training to handle the energy of the participants, how to align their expectations to the delivery, how to make them open and connected with the flow of activities and so on..

Training Based on – Dynamic Active Meditation – Chakra Healing Therapy – Advaita Vedanta And Meditation Techniques From Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

Date: 27th May till 3rd June 2018, himalayas

Are you seeking to awaken your inner energies to discover creativity and inner peace life?

Do you believe that you have a purpose in life to guide people on their spiritual journey and help them heal and live a happy life in harmony with the world?

Would you like to become a Certified Meditation Teacher or Chakra Therapy Healer?

Would you like to become a part of one of the most respected, Loving, Caring and sharing career which serves humanity?
Help people transform their lives through the practice of meditation?

Come join us to become an inspiring, trusted and effective teacher or mentor trained to teach scientifically proven, time-tested meditation techniques for modern people.

This meditation teacher training is Ideal for:
Yoga teachers, alternative healers, energy therapists and all other light workers, those who believe that their purpose in life is to guide people on their spiritual journey and help them heal themselves to live a happy life in harmony with the world.
People who believe their calling is to help people, animals, and all Creation in all every way they can.
People gifted with supernatural spiritual power to heal or any other extraordinary ability, called “siddhi” in Sanskrit or people who want to develop such power.
People who understand the great importance of the shift in the consciousness of the human kind towards awareness and peace and wish to contribute to it spreading love and light.
Loving, caring and compassionate people to who friends and strangers alike turn for comfort and advice when life gets hard.
People who went through a challenging time in their life and now are prepared to become guides for others experiencing similar transformational process.

10 days – 75 hours – meditation teacher training certification course In rishikesh

A powerful life transforming training with Master Dev OM

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