Mindfulness & Meditation Training

A comprehensive training to grow mindfulness on all the four aspects of human life and to learn various practical meditation techniques to support your daily life and your inner growth simultaneously.

The Structure:

The course is structured around four levels of mindfulness/awareness, which we need to develop in order to achieve fulfilling life/spiritual growth. These are Mindfulness on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Levels.

  1. Physical – Connect with your physical body on a much deeper level and develop deep self-love and self-acceptance
  2. Mental – Develop a calm and positive mind
  3. Emotional – Recognise your energy leakage points, learn how to fix them and become emotionally empowered.
  4. Spiritual – Grow in your synchronicity level with the Universe and Life. Connect with and heal your Chakras.

Dates: 2-9 March | 2-9 April | 6-13 Sept | 3-10 Oct 2020 – Rishikesh; 15-21 June | 6-12 July 2020 – Canada; 20-27 July 2020 – USA; Online – Your time and space 🙂

Meditation Teacher Training Rishikesh batch March 2019

On each level we understand the science/philosophy, do activities/exercises, Do active/passive/guided meditation and then move to the next level. So it’s a very comprehensive and properly structured program, which helps a practitioner to develop a very scientifically proven practice. This approach saves the practitioner from any psychological/emotional side effects. It also proves a great self-discovery/transformation journey for the participants.

  • This training will develop a deeper level of understanding about meditation, meditative energies, and different meditation techniques.
  • This program also works as an effective tool for your own self-discovery.
  • During the program, students discover their own light and uncover the hidden master in them.

The Methodology of the training:

  • The training is completely interactive and practice-based.
  • The training happens in a completely non-judgmental and supportive manner.
  • Each meditation is described for why to do this meditation, what will be the effect and what are the variations.
  • Each session is followed by the student’s questions and feedback.
  • The training space is created based on awareness and presence where students can ask, recognize, share and question their feelings and purpose together in a playful and lighthearted way.

Learn from the master!

Dev OM is a friendly meditation master, author, and a Himalayan yogi. He is loved by his thousands of students worldwide who have attended his training and Satsangs in a total of 36 countries. He has helped several thousand of newbies to turn into meditators and has given spiritual coaching to hundreds of people in his 16 years of working. He has authored 12 books on meditation, chakras, energies and spiritual evolution with half of them being Amazon bestsellers.

Learn at the best place!

On the banks of Holy river Ganga in the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India.

  • At the world capital of Yoga and the meditation place for thousands of seekers and meditators since ancient times. Rishikesh is the place that produced many-many Yogis and Masters. Now it is your chance.
  • OM Meditation Ashram & Happiness Commune is situated inside Yog Niketan Ashram which is a very beautiful and serene ashram overlooking the holy river Ganga. In Rishikesh, one experiences a great flow of spiritual energies, and just living there is healing and meditation. It is a perfect place to dive deep into the process of discovering your inner master and to become able to share and teach the meditation to the world. The ashram has a beautiful garden, space to meditate in open under the sky, big yoga and meditation halls and neatly maintained rooms with good hygiene levels.