Master Dev OM is a new-age, non-traditional and non-religious spiritual Indian master who is spreading the light of mindfulness and meditation to the world in a very practical and modern way for past 16 years. his approach and teachings make perfect sense to all the urban monks and freesoul people around the globe.

Online/offline 100/200 hours Mindfulness & Meditation Training with Dev OM

A comprehensive training to grow mindfulness on all the four aspects of human life and to learn various practical meditation techniques to support your daily life and your inner growth simultaneously.

The Structure:

The course is structured around four levels of mindfulness/awareness, which we need to develop in order to achieve fulfilling life/spiritual growth. These are Mindfulness on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Levels.

  1. Physical - Connect with your physical body on a much deeper level and develop deep self-love and self acceptance
  2. Mental - Develop a calm and positive mind
  3. Emotional - Recognise your energy leakage points, learn how to fix them and become emotionally empowered.
  4. Spiritual - Grow in your synchronicity level with the Universe and Life. Connect with and heal your Chakras.

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