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OM Life-Spirit Festival

A festival of Life-Spirit and Self-Discovery

Come Join Us To Meditate – Heal – Relax – Dance & Celebrate Together

10th OM Life Spirit Fest Theme – The Cosmic Energy and Chakras

The Cosmic Energy and Chakras – A Retreat in Rishikesh-Himalayas to fix all the energy related issues in life

• Would you like to enhance your life force energy?
• Would you like to fix the so-called complications in you birth-chart?
• Would you like to fix the shortcomings in your personality?
• Would you like to overcome all the mental and emotional blocks?
• Would you like to healthy and wealthy life?
• Would you like to understand and use the power of your energy centres?
• Would you like to have your energy flow working for your spiritual growth?
• Would you like to have that unshakable peace, love and joy inside you?
• And you want all this to happen in a natural manner?

This retreat will address all this and more. This is an ancient wisdom of India practiced by Yogis for thousands of years.

Aah! Its going to be an energy blast. Come, learn and use the dormant energy lying inside you.

Chakras are energy centres located in the human body. They create the energy body and the aura. At the same time they function like dish antennas and receive the energy or vibration/signals from the cosmos. In this manner we are connected with the universe and that makes us the part of the ‘universal oneness’. The chakras receive the cosmic energy and channelize it to our physical body, to our energy body, and to our subtle conscious form (Chaitanyaroop).

What will be included:
• A self-test to check the energy level and self-connectivity with each chakra.
• Alchemy of all seven chakras
• Role of each Chakra in human life and abundance
• Enhance and manage each chakra energy
• Remove the blockages in life – emotional, physical, wordily achievements
• Learn to check and see Aura
• Chakra Cleansing and Healing Meditation
• Chakra Dance Meditation
• Chakra Breath
• Deep emotional cleansing Techniques
• Developing Compassion
• EQ – Developing Emotional Quotient
• Having happy, healthy and evolving life and spirit.

+ Ganga Meditation and Aarti
Special Personal sessions with Dev OM: “Finding your personal spiritual path”
Lots of music, dance, celebration and oneness activities…

Facilitated by Dev OM
amazing support team (

The facilitator, Dev OM is the author of bestseller book ‘The Cosmic Energy and Chakras’ and creator of ‘Chakra healing’ and ‘Chakra dance’ meditations among others.

He is a meditator for past 17 years and an internationally renowned therapist. He is the founder of OM Foundation, which carries courses and trainings on various aspects of human life, consciousness and its evolution through out the globe. He has authored 11 books till date and created 22 guided meditations to help human psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

For more info about him and the courses please check:

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Date: 15 Sept to 17 Sept 2019

Contribution for Festival-
Individual: 13000/-
Couple/ Family of 2 : 23000/-
(Stay included : A/C rooms with attached bath; Ganga view Deluxe; double sharing; Non AC: less 1500/-)

Ayurveda food is available in around Rs. 200 per meal. Other cuisines from all over the world are available at Ganga beach cafes. We also have vegan café, raw food café, and health food cafés around.

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About OM Life Spirit Festival:

Life Spirit Festival is the one time, one place where like-minded practitioners and seekers of a healthier, happier, spiritually empowered life congregate. Life spirit is the vitality, energy & life force that run through us. It is that the immense force that drives us through the highs and lows of our everyday lives. It needs nurturing from within & without. It is what makes us feel alive & feel connected. It is joy & expression, spiritual knowledge, health & wellness, dance, ancient wisdom, emotional transformation, soul-power, connection with the universe, yoga, food & nutrition, fitness, going within, spiritual enlightenment and so much more. There will be numerous wholesome wellness and interactive sessions with internationally renowned spiritual guides and healers. Come! let’s begin a journey of accepting ourselves, living healthier and achieving wholeness. It’s open and suitable for all… from first timers to those who are regular in their spiritual evaluation activities. Join us and nurture the love, which is within all beings. Release the physical & mental stress in a three-day festival of ‘Self Healing and Happiness’.

  1. Therapeutic Yoga
  2. Life-Spirit enhancement
  3. Yoga Stretching
  4. Ganga Meditation
  5. The life of Spirituality in metro
  6. Self – Healing
  7. Soul Power
  8. Soul Music concerts
  9. Guided meditations
  10. Power of Mantras
  11. Togetherness
  12. Heal Your Hara – Empower your Gut – Through Belly Dancing
  13. Cleansing Energy Blocks
  14. Spirit Enhancement
  15. Evening Ganga Aarti, Kirtan and Mantra chanting
  16. Shiva Consciousness
  17. Sufi Dancing and ‘Zikr’
  18. Emotional Wellness
  20. Invoking Empathy
  21. Chakra Dance
  22. Chakra energy test and Chakra therapy
  23. Aura Reading
  24. Laughter Yoga
  25. Deep Emotional Cleansing Meditation
  26. Talking to Divine Meditation
  27. Shiv–Ganga Meditation
  28. Natraj Meditation

+ Special Personal sessions with Dev OM: “Finding your personal spiritual path” + Lots of music, dance, celebration and oneness activities…