The Team

Dev OM

Dev OM ( Spiritual / Meditation Guide, Author)

Dev OM is a meditation & spiritual guru and the bestselling author of 12 self-help books, including ‘Meditation for New Age Men’, ‘Shiva Sutra- The Path of Shiva Consciousness’ and ‘The Cosmic Energy & Chakras’. Since beginning of his work as a Life Coach and Meditation Guide in 2005, he has assisted thousands of people in discovering their spiritual path and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-evolution. Dev OM has successfully facilitated his courses and trainings in 18 countries throughout the world and his works have been translated into 7 different languages in five countries. He is the founder of OM Foundation and OM School of Self-Discovery, an NGO and school dedicated for creating and teaching self-discovery courses, tools, books, and meditations and to support the mass human evolution.



Shruti Shah ( Reiki and Sound Healer) 

Shruti Shah is a Reiki Master and a Sound Healer specializing in mental and emotional treatments that promote self-healing and rebalancing.

She has developed a profoundly intuitive method of rooting out emotional and psychological patterns that manifest into physical, behavioral and mental blockages. A deeply empathic listener and intuitive practitioner often receive information and impressions that help her to help her clients. Shruti Shah works extensively with cancer patients and their caregivers and leads a monthly Women’s Reiki Circle. She also offers Distance Reiki sessions, which are as effective as in-person sessions for help on the physical, emotional, and mental levels.



Mona (Holistic Healer, Relationship Counsellor, Breathwork Therapist)

Mona is a blessed soul and a born healer. She is a Relationship Healer, Counsellor and Breath-work Therapist at OM School of Self Discovery. She helps people to achieve a state of physical wellbeing and emotional empowerment. She loves to connect and help people, who want to live a positive and healed life physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her simple and compassionate approach has healed the toughest life situations and by the grace of  the divine the results are permanent. With her divine connection, loving and compassionate heart she uncovers the root cause of the problems. An explorer and a keen learner, she is also an animal lover and a social reformer. 



Kavita Das (Flow Dance Yoga)

flow dance yoga 1

Kavita Das – flow dance yoga

Kavita Das – Nature yoga

Kavita with her background in dance and creative choreography is a trained instructor. She has got featured in Discovery Channel and Travel n Living Channel for her work. Her journey started when she was 3 years old as she got into the world of Dance and Yoga and never looked back since then. She went on to pursue her degree in Dance under Ananda Shankar Centre For Performing Arts (Kolkata-India) and ever since took trainings in different art forms starting from Aerial dance and Yoga under Shri Sanjay Khan to Modern Contemporary. She completed her Masters in Yoga from ‘Yoga Alliance International under Sri Maa Transformational Yoga Centre. Kavita has always felt as a teacher that she will be true to her students and herself and always share what is flowing through her with them. What flows naturally and authentically through Kavita is Flow Dance Yoga. Yoga and Dance have made Kavita want to share it and help others discover their own path to happiness and health. At present she is running her two Yoga Studios ‘The Yoga Chakra’ at the heart of South Delhi (GK1 and GK2) to spread the joy of Yoga, Dance and Happiness.


Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi (Yoga Life Master)

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi

After practicing yoga from very early age of 12, he decided to leave his family and friends behind to pursue the yogic path and meet his first Yoga Master – Narayan Muni at Jharsuguda Muni Samaj Yoga Ashram. It was here he took his first steps into the Himayalan Tradition. In 1988 he met his second Yoga Master – Swami Niranjan ji to learn the wisdom of the Vedas. There he came across the Jnana Yoga (knowledge), which taught him the important lessons in the path to self-realization.

After joining Sri Satya Sai Baba’s ashram to learn the spiritual beauty and value of the Karma Yoga (charity work), his life changed completely. There he learned that he had to undergo a heart surgery. That experience made him realise the importance of charity. In the year of 2001 he left home for the last time. The decision to become a monk had been made and his wonderings eventually led to the holy city of Rishikesh. Here once again he met the Himalayan Yoga Tradition, but this time to never leave it again. After studying and practicing yoga under Swami Veda Bharti’s motherly heart, his greatest guru, and becoming a master in the Himalayan Tradition, he opened his first Yoga School, where we welcome students and seekers from all around the world to carry on India’s most important heritage,

Katie Holland

Katie Holland (Dance and Yoga Therapist)

Dancing from the age of three, with 20 years experience of Arab/Egyptian Dance and having studied Ballet, Tap, Modern, African, Samba, Bollywood, Sacred Nepalese, Bellydance, Gurdjieff Sacred dances, Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Inner Dance and holistic therapies; currently studying Bharatnatyam. Katie enthuses and inspires her magical energy to all she meets, she is a highly sought after professional teacher, choreographer and performer across the world. Regularly performing with Arab and fusion musicians including Hossam and Serena Ramzy, Jon Sterckx, Guy Schalom and Simon Webster, she has also featured in a music video with BBC World Music Award winning master maestro Abhishek Basu and his band ISM.

Regarded as one of the best foreign dancers in India Katie has performed at countless high profile events including with famous singer Yo Yo Honey Singh. Katie has been featured on many Asian TV channels and national newspapers. Katie also organises Kashat Bedu Sacred dance and Yoga Retreats.

Dr. Samridhi Minhas

Dr. Samridhi Minhas (Beautiful Body Peaceful Mind Therapist)

Dr. Smridhi Minhas is a qualified Doctor and ‘Beautiful body Peaceful mind’ therapist. A gold medallist and university topper, she runs her own clinic/center called ‘Radiance’ in Delhi. She has presented research papers in International conferences and summits. She says “I want to see every person radiant and smiling. I am using my education, skills and heart for the purpose and I feel happy”. Her heartful and compassionate approach gives a deep sense of caring and relaxation to the receiver.




Girija Chaitanya Garima

Girija Chaitanya Garima (Yoga Therapist)

Girija Chaitanya Garima is a new entry in OM Schools therapist team. Passionate about learning and practising Yoga since childhood, Girija pursued her interest further by becoming Certified teacher from Kaivalyadham, Lonavla. An avid meditator, she recognises the importance of regular meditation and yoga practice in her life and the same she promotes with her students. She takes regular classes of yoga at OM School of self-discovery, Amritsar. She shares the learnings from her journey of healthy body, happy mind, empowered being with great enthusiasm.

Sumit Sapru


Sumit Sapru aka Antar Vivek (Multi Instrumentalist Musician, Spiritual Singer)

In his own words- “For me music was a gift from God as no one in family was a musician. I started playing flute when I was 5 yrs old and gradually I picked different instruments and started playing. Now I play Guitar, Harmonium, Flute, Mouth organ, Djambe and different percussions without any formal training. I have learnt Indian classical (Vocal) from Gandharva Mahavidyaliya New Delhi. I love to Chant mantras, sing bhajans, ghazals and old Hindi movie songs.”


Antar Vivek


Antar Vivek aka Sumit Sapru  (Hatha Yoga Trainer)

Antar vivek is a Certified YOGA teacher from Kaivalyadhama lonavla (Maharashtra). He is exponent in “Hatha yoga” although he in his teaching uses different form of yoga and of course his own experience. His gentle and deep approach towards Yoga and consciousness combined with the base of his own meditative journey makes him an amazing and likable trainer.