Wisdom Bytes

Love is precious, love is kind, love is pure, love is ego-less. Love is divine. Love comes after ego dies. Love can transport us to the heights of existence. Love n Light 

existence dev om quotes

This existence is nothing but a very big echo. So what you put in, You get back and many times Magnified. Dev OM

Choiceless Awareness

Become aware of Life’s choices for you and not let your choices interfere- Have Choiceless Awareness…… Dev OM

Darkness Defeat Dev OM quotes

To defeat the Darkness out there you must first defeat the darkness inside you. Dev OM

Dealing with situations Dev OM

If we do not deal appropriately with the situation presented to us, then it will return to seek further attention. So don’t escape. Deal with all situations with trust, love and zeal. The entire universe will help you. Dev OM

empowerment Dev OM

If something is coming to you. You are empowered to handle it… Dev OM

Dont Escape Dev OM Quotes

Never say die. Never say I can’t take this much. You are given only that, which is possible for you to take. If you don’t recognize your possibilities, God compels you to live them and make them visible to you. Keep your trust intact and stay. Don’t crib and don’t try to escape. Dev OM

Essence Dev OM quotes

A wise always picks up the essence and does not bother about the rest. Dev OM

Evolution Dev OM quotes

All the situations are created to make you evolve and to make you know, what is there to be known. That way you reach to the highest of knowing. Dev OM

Existence supports you Dev OM  quotes

As per the law of existence when you are in the real journey of inner growth, the entire existence supports it…..Dev OM

Free from Body  Dev OM Quotes

The moment you become restful in your consciousness, seeing yourself not as this body, you become happy, peaceful and free from bonds. You are liberated. Dev OM

Free from myself Dev OM quotes

When I was completely engrossed within me, no-one was waiting for me, as I was not worthy..The moment I got free from myself…I became so worthy that I found refuge in God… Dev OM

Freedom Dev OM Quotes

One day would come when you will realize that all that you ever felt were just your thoughts believed in….That day you would be free…Dev OM

Gods blessings Dev OM qoutes

When you ask you limit the scope of God’s blessings.. When you just accept then you are a true receiver….Dev OM

Gods Expression in you Dev OM quotes

God has made you the way he wanted to express himself in you..Dev OM

I am awake Dev OM quotes

I am awake.. Flawless and serene.. Beyond the cages of this world..From my light..The being and the world arise..So all things are mine..Or nothing is.. Dev OM

I am Peace Dev OM Quotes

I welcome whatever happens, I go where my soul takes me, I sleep wherever sun sets, I am at peace everywhere…Dev OM

Keep Walking Dev OM Quotes

Keep walking. You have to keep walking. that’s your life. destinations will come seeking you. If you have that zeal. Dev OM

Life offerings Dev OM quotes

Life has more to offer than what is apparent. It’s your responsibility to dig in and get the hidden treasure out. Do unusual things. Get out of the comfort zone. Don’t try to fit in. Dev OM

Light Dev OM Quotes

Nothing can nourish the Soul but the Light. Dev OM

Love and Freedom Dev OM quotes

Love is the blossoming of the Soul, Freedom is the nature of the Soul. Freedom provides the soil for the blossoming of the flower of love. Love cannot flourish under any compulsion. Dev OM

Love Speaks Dev OM quotes

When Love speaks to you- listen and believe…It may shatter you- The outer you, The shallow you..but will give you depth..Will make you light..Will give you wings so you can fly..and will make you meet “U”. The real You. Dev OM

Love Yourself Dev OM quotes

Love yourself, respect yourself, be gentle with yourself. Unless you are loving towards yourself you cannot be loving at all. Unless you care about yourself you will not care about anybody else…Dev OM

Loving Understanding Dev OM Quotes

No need to mess up with heart. Just have the loving understanding about it. Then you are the winner….Dev OM

Pure and Divine Dev OM quotes

Eradicate impurity and hypocrisy from within and become Pure and Divine. Dev OM

Shiva Consciousness Dev OM  quotes

The consciousness is absolute. Wherever there is Consciousness, there is also creation. That is Shiva and Shakti. But consciousness is not of creation or from creation. Consciousness resides restfully alike in nothingness (void) and in completeness (fullness). All the things are in and full of consciousness and there is nothing whatsoever in existence without this consciousness. Hence I say every human is Shiva. Wake up and recognize. Dev OM

Trust and devotion Dev OM quotes

If you have trust and devotion then you will find a way through the closed wall as well. So keep your trust and live your devotion…Dev OM

Unknown to Known Dev OM quotes

Drop all understanding which is not permanent and be relaxed in unknowing. Only then you will get what is actually to be known. Dev OM

Wordly Desires Dev OM quotes

There is no end to worldly desires and you keep getting trapped more and more with each desire. Dev OM

Absolutely Free Dev OM quotes

You are not this Body. You are not this name. You are not this religion. You are not this personality. You are not what others think you should be. You are always, absolutely, FREE. Dev OM

Age of Darkness Dev OM quotes

The period before the dawn of realization is called the age of darkness. Do not be afraid pf it. Keep walking on the path and it too shall pass… Dev OM

anger and love Dev OM Quotes

Anger is similar to Fire, Love is similar to water. Anger burns the today, love nurtures the tomorrow…Dev OM

Dropping the past Dev OM Quotes

Keep dropping the past each moment and you will have a new life each moment…Dev OM

emotional stability Dev OM Quotes

It is more important to be stable than being emotional. First thing to learn is to handle yourself. Dev OM

Empowerment Dev OM quotes

Impossible itself says I AM POSSIBLE. Break problems into smallest possible pieces and you will find solution to each of them and will be more EMPOWERED to handle them. Dev OM

Energy Dev OM Quotes

To get energy, look at what you have done, not at what you have not been able to do….Dev OM

Gratitude Dev OM quotes

Gratitude makes our life and what we have appear enough. Dev OM

Hope Dev OM Quotes

Your approach in Life makes you… Dev OM

Intelligence Dev OM qoutes

To be able to see and recognize the truth-is the best possible usage of your intelligence. Dev OM

Keep Walking Dev OM Quotes

To receive, to let go, to seek..That’s life.. Just keep walking…keep walking..Dev OM

leela Dev OM quotes

Remember that you are never moved. Your movement in outside shallow hurricane is just a Leela.. Dev OM

let go Dev OM quotes

Let go of deep-rooted guilt and subconscious cravings of unfilled desires. That way you can save yourself from severe emotional and physical situations. God bless all and will give the power to do it. Amen. Dev OM

Live from Soul Dev OM Quotes

The more you give, the more divine you become. Live from your heart, live from your soul. Dev OM

Love Dev OM Quotes

Love is the basic nature of the soul. All the actions in life, important or unimportant in someway or other goes towards seeking love. So no one in the world, and certainly not you, can be called entirely loveless. Keep loving people. Dev OM

never give up Dev OM Quotes

Stand and God will stand with you. Never give up.. Dev OM

outside situations Dev OM Quotes

Outside situations are reflections of our inner self. Dev OM

Own Inner Realms Dev OM Quotes

Forget to try to be thoughtless. Just stop paying any attention to negative thoughts and emotions and that would be enough to start the greatest journey to our inner realms. Dev OM

Sadhna Dev OM Quotes

‘Sadhna’ means focused and disciplined effort for inner growth and self-evolution. The purpose of it is to realize the real SELF and get permanently established in that ultimate truthful state of your Being…Dev OM

Slave of Aspirations Dev OM Quotes

Aspire! but don’t be a slave of aspirations. Your life is bigger than any aspiration. Enjoy, learn, grow in the experience. Dev OM

Spread your wings  Dev OM Quotes

Let your wings spread and sky is always there. Dev OM

Inner Journey Dev OM Quotes

This inner journey is the only true journey that exists and it is for all. You can start from wherever you are standing, in whatever life situation you currently find yourself i, and reach upto your true ‘SELF’ – the Divine Consciousness within. Dev OM

Truly be Alive Dev OM Quotes

One day you will be no more.. before that you need to learn to live and truly be alive, be joyous and celebrate life’s offerings. Dev OM

Trust Dev OM quotes

Trust…without any reason..It enhances your soul…Dev OM

Universal love Dev OM Quotes

All people everywhere in the world, need love,friendliness, understanding, respect, fulfillment and joy. Inside we all are same. Countries are not real. Air, water, light, love they do not know any borders. We should live in peace not pieces..Dev OM

Premature Conclusions Dev OM quotes

Stop forming premature conclusions. The mind loves to speculate. But then, it misguides you. Live a conscious life… Dev OM

I the Real Self Dev OM quotes

When you say “I” know which “I” you are talking about? If it is the one which is just a practical usability to handle the worldly matters then don’t take it too seriously…Nothing can go wrong with it because nothing is forever with it. If it is the one which is the real SELF then don’t make it too shallow. Nothing can be taken away from it and it is always unmoved..Dev OM

Be like Lotus Dev OM Quotes

Be the Lotus in the pond not getting wet. Be so untouchable.. Dev OM

Be your own master Dev OM Quotes

Be Your Own Master… Dev OM


Blossom Dev OM Quotes

A flower is not a flower until it blossoms..u are born with a great possibility..Don’t die with it..actualize it..Blossom!!!!

Divine Being Dev OM quotes

We are Divine being living in this body. The situations in this world are the examination of our divinity. Dev OM

Divine soul Dev OM quotes

The Divine-Soul is a message. Divine-Soul is a functionary of existence to illuminate the world; to eradicate the darkness by ‘The Light’, he is connected to and carries with himself. Whatever a Divine Soul does, lives and preaches that paves a path for others to grow in their realms. This becomes his sharing with the world- that’s the only thing he has and he can give. Dev OM

Don't play too safe Dev OM Quotes

Take leaps in life don’t play too safe. Dev OM

Emotional Tantrums Dev OM Quotes

Emotional Tantrums and Emotional Immaturity are the biggest blocks in self-evolution. Be free keep growing.. Dev OM

Fear and Guilt Dev OM Quotes

Fear and Guilt are two major blocks of Soul. Let go of all Fear and Guilt from inside. Be free. Dev OM

Fear of unknown Dev OM Quotes

Don’t have fear of unknown. In unknown you grow immensely. Dev OM

Flowing Dev OM quotes

When we are stiff, we are stuck. When we are easy, we are flowing. If we are flowing , we are flowering. Dev OM

Free Dev OM Quotes

One day would come when you will realize that all that you ever felt were just your thoughts believed in..That day you will be free..Dev OM

Freedom Dev OM Quotes

Let freedom be the very base of your life. Recognize it as the true nature of your being. Make freedom your basic habit. Let freedom form your mental and emotional patterns. Freedom should reflect in everything you do, feel or behave. May all be free and live that freedom. Dev OM

God Dev OM Quotes

God is beyond the right and the wrong doing… Dev OM

Happiness Dev OM Quotes

Happiness is the biggest magnet of Universal Energy..Dev OM

Found you residing in my Heart. Dev OM Quotes

I couldn’t find you in the places of worship, but yet I found you residing in my heart…Dev OM

Good for yourself Dev OM Quotes

Each day do something good for yourself ….Dev OM

Gratitude Dev OM Quotes

Gratitude makes our life and what we have appear enough…Dev OM

Happiness Dev OM Quotes

Life does not come with the guarantee of your happiness. But it always gives you a choice. That time you need to make the decisions for your happiness. If you remain uncertain that time then don’t blame life!! Dev OM

Places of Worship.. Dev OM Quotes

I couldn’t find you in the places of worship, but yet I found you residing in my heart…Dev OM

Hope and Trust Dev OM quotes

Hope and Trust make the way to turn dreams into reality. So remain hopeful and keep your trust in life and divine. Dev OM

Inner purification Dev OM Quotes

Inner purification is the part of Sadhna. You may feel restless and anxious sometimes on the path of Sadhna. That is the time when your deep inner cleansing is happening. You need to hold on and every time you will get into more profound and deep restfulness…Dev OM

Janmashtami Dev OM Quotes

On this Janmashtami give birth to Krishna within – be his ultimate human- “The Sthitpragya”- The one who is permanently established in his soulful intelligence and nothing can shake him..Happy Krishna birth in you..Dev OM

Judge People Dev OM Quotes

Don’t judge people. Accept them from your heart. Your life will turn into a Prayer… Dev OM

Love, Happiness and Gratitude Dev OM Quotes

You make your life by what you think and feel about it. Carry a base feeing of love, happiness, gratitude and your life would be an everlasting celebration.. Dev OM

Wise Life Dev OM Quotes

The Life is always absolutely wise in all it’s apparent foolishness…Dev OM

The Light Dev OM Quotes

The soul looks for the light always. It longs for the light. It recognizes the light. This journey is for “The Light”.

Light Dev OM Quotes

Always remember and feel you are made up of light and it is always pure and transparent. Nothing can touch you as nothing can touch the light. Dev OM

Light of realization Dev OM Quotes

Let there be Light of realization in all lives. Dev OM

love the unknown Dev OM Quotes

Love the unknown and you will never be fearful… Dev OM

Meditative state Dev OM Quotes

Being established at soul level in the meditative space works as a seed for growing up in the Divine. Dev OM

Namaste Dev OM

In India when we greet each other we say NAMASTE that means my soul recognizes your soul. I honour the light , love, beauty, truth and kindness within you because it is also within me, in sharing these things there is no distance and no difference between us, we are the same, we are one. Dev OM

Non-voilence Dev OM Quotes

Non- Violence means to not push your physical strength, ideology, belief, way of thinking and way of reacting on to anyone. It requires great respect towards self, all other individuals and towards the right of individual choice – in any and all manner. Aggression is the base of violence. Find out and remove any ongoing aggression to finish any possible violent outburst. It takes great awareness to be truly non-violent. On this Gandhi-jayanti lets be free of violence …Dev om

only love is enough Dev OM Quotes

Only Love. No with someone. no with noone. no with. only love. is enough …Dev OM

outside situations Dev OM Quotes

Outside situations are reflection of our inner self..Dev OM

Own Inner Realms Dev OM

Forget to try to be thoughtless..just stop paying any attention to negative thoughts and emotions and that would be enough to start the greatest journey to inner realms. Dev OM

Passing Reality Dev OM Quotes

Life is just a passing reality. Dev OM

Pure consciousness Dev OM Quotes

I am Love. I am Peace. I am Happiness. I am Pure Consciousness… Dev OM

Pure and Divine. Dev OM Quotes

Eradicate impurity and hypocrisy from within and become Pure and Divine… Dev OM

Radiate Love Dev OM Quotes

Love yourself totally and fill yourself completely with love. So that love overflows from you and whosoever comes near you, can feel it..Radiate Love… Dev OM

Rebellious soul Dev OM Quotes

If one wants to be in bliss, he needs to be a rebellious soul. A spiritual person has to stand against entire world, against the entire system. Dev OM

Silence Dev OM Quotes

Just don’t keep speaking purposeless. Speak as less as possible. Communicate clearly in the least possible words. It will give you depth and make you integrated. You will invite permanent peace in your life. Silence will make you meet the Self. Dev OM

Slave of Aspiration Dev OM Quotes

Aspire! but don’t be a slave of aspirations. Your life is bigger than any aspiration. Enjoy, learn, grow in the experience. Dev OM

Synchronization Dev OM Quotes

When you feel connected, the synchronization happens on it’s own accord. You become a part of cosmic rhythm… Dev OM

Dev OM Quotes Celebrative Life

Let life be a nonstop and never ending celebration of your SELF. Be so untouchable at the core that you can celebrate each moment in your life. Celebrate your ups and downs, celebrate your rise and fall. Because among all this, your consciousness is always shining. Happy Celebrative Life. Dev OM

Action Dev OM Quote

I never acted upon anything and I never refrained myself from required action. Dev OM

Consciousness Dev OM Quotes

Consciousness is all there is. Dev OM


Consciousness Dev OM Quotes

The Consciousness does not bother about energy coz it is the energy itself.’Energy to expand’ can be defined by that point of view, which is fueled by various conditioning or desires of mind. The consciousness is free from all needs and can enjoy whatever is in the moment. So when you become ready and empowered to enjoy whatever is in the moment, without bothering about your needs (even if you really have them) then your consciousness is expanding. Dev OM


Doer Dev OM Quotes

You are not the Doer hence not the reaper of consequences. If the Doer acts inside you then you always reap the consequences. Let go of the Doer and be free..Dev OM

Ego self Dev Om Quotes

‘Doer’ is the greatest perception and ‘Doing’ is the greatest desire of Egoself. Dev OM

God Dev OM Quotes

I could not find you in the places of worship, but yet I found you residing in my heart…. Dev OM

Gratitude Dev OM Quotes

Everything and everyone in this universe is placed to support each other. This way we participate in the flow of life. Air supporting trees, trees supporting birds..In this manner, in the flow, God supports everything and our lives… The purpose of our lives is achieved in participating and supporting the life’s process with gratitude. Dev OM

Be the Light. Dev OM Quotes

Be the Light. Dev OM

Light Dev OM Quotes

I kept burning and becoming Light.. I vanished, Light Remained. Dev OM

Maturity Dev OM Quotes

The maturity is the flowering. Like a seed is matured into a fruit, a fruit is matured into a well ripened fruit! You come to know that you are maturing when you are more empowered, integrated, relaxed and focused about something. It has nothing to do with aging but with the expansion of your consciousness to evolve, adapt and simplify the life situations, which you go through regularly. Dev OM

Meditative Being Dev OM Quotes

A meditative being experiences purer and purer form of happiness, joy and then bliss. He is able to stay happy, loving and peaceful all the time, even in the most difficult circumstances. Dev OM

Meditative Celebration Dev OM Quotes

Make your Life a Meditative Celebration. Dev OM

Merry Christmas Dev OM Quotes

Today is the day when one messenger came into this world. We know him as Son of God. He stood before the people and said ” Iam coming from the source. Come! Follow me and I shall lead you to The Light!” Only few courageous ones listened to him that time. Now half the world claims to follow him as it is very easy now. He dedicated his life to eradicate the darkness people carried in their hearts. But very less stood with him with courage to walk on the path he was showing. Once the master has gone then the following does not carry the same intensity. People and middleman create their own easy ways. This Christmas I remind people to have enough courage when it is required. I remind them to listen to the call of The Light, call of their own Souls and call of the Masters around them in any form.. May this Christmas remove the darkness off all kinds. Merry Christas. Dev OM

New Year Dev OM Quotes

This New Year give yourself a gift of ‘The New’. Leave old and harmful life patterns, ways, concepts, notions etc. and open up to the new life; new you, and the new, do the new. Experience oneness with all this is. Happy New Life! Happy New Year!! Happy New Now!!
Dev OM

Oneness Dev OM Quotes

All the people are essentially one and the same. Placing duality and diversity within humanity is the greatest loss and realizing the oneness within and without is the highest gain.. Be soulful! Be One! Live the Oneness! Dev OM

peace Dev OM Quotes

Peace is better than any Struggle. Dev OM

Pure soul Dev OM Quotes

This body is just a gracious expression of the pure soul and that is what everybody is. Dev OM

Rooting Dev OM Quotes

One who looks at others for everything has yet to find his own rooting.. Dev OM

The Self Dev OM Quotes

The self is unchanging and impartial. It only is the reliable basis for true understanding of both Inner and Outer Reality. Dev OM

World Harmony Dev OM Quotes

To live a harmonious, peaceful, loving and understanding life, meditation is helpful. To be a good father or son, a good husband or wife, to relate to the world harmoniously; whether at home or in the office, meditation is a helpful tool. Dev OM